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OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Monday, Wednesday-Friday

groupThis page is here for you to access the resources from WVCC. From Audio Messages, to Missions WVCC supports. So please feel free to click on the links to each resource that you may wish to access.  

AUDIO MESSAGES: If you have missed a Sunday sermon you can listen to them here. You may also download them to your MP3 player or your computer media player. Please enjoy the chance to listen or re-listen to the sermon messages.<CLICK FOR AUDIO MESSAGES PAGE>

MISSIONS WE SUPPORT: Please visit the links on this page to find out about the Missionaries WVCC supports through prayers and financial support. These people are dependant on people and churches like ours to fund and support them in their ministries to people across country and throughout the world. Please join us in reading about what their missions are about and helping by supporting them in their Missions. <CLICK FOR MISSIONS PAGE>

CHURCH CONSTITUTION: Please visit the link to view the WVCC Constitution. <CLICK HERE FOR PDF FILE>

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